Network Unlocking Codes NUC codes, are used to release the network lock on your mobile phone. After entering the NUC code into your mobile phone, you will be able to use SIM cards from other mobile phone network providers in your mobile phone. This is termed unlocking your mobile phone. These codes should not be confused with PAC codes or PUK codes which are used for different purposes. A NUC Code is used to unlock your mobile phone.

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What is a NUC Code?

NUCs, or network unlocking codes, are used to unlock a mobile phone from its original network (i.e. Vodafone, EE, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Virgin Mobile or Three). When mobile phones are purchased the phone is usually locked to the network whose service you originally signed up to. This prevents SIM cards from other networks being used on the mobile phone. Once a network unlocking code (NUC code) is used on the mobile phone, it is possible to use SIM cards from other networks in that phone, allowing users to swap and change network providers at will. This unlocks your mobile phone.

You may want to unlock your mobile phone to change mobile phone provider. This has become very common now, especially with the arrival in 2012 of the new 4G mobile network provided by EE (Everything Eveywhere) an Orange and T-Mobile phhone company.

What information will I need to retrieve my NUC code?

You will need your IMEI number, the network your phone is currently locked to, the mobile phone make and model and your mobile phone number. Full details of how to obtain your mobile phone's IMEI number are given in the detailed instructions that we provide using our own-line NUC Code tool here.


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